1986: Protector of Death (Demo)
1987: Misanthropy (Atom H)
1988: Golem (Atom H)
1989: Urm the Mad (Atom H)
1990: Leviathan’s Desire (Atom H)
1991: A Shedding of Skin (Atom H)
1993: The Heritage (Major Records)
1995: Lost in Eternity (Best-Of, Major Records)
2000: Ressurrected (Demo)
2003: Echoes from the Past (Best-of, I Hate Records)
2005: Ominous Message of Brutality (I Hate Records)
2006: Welcome to Fire (Wroth Ermitter Records)
2010: Kain and Abel (Area Death Productions)
2011: The Return of Thrash and Madness
2012: In the Vein of Blackend Steel (Split-LP, Evil Spell Records)
2013: Merciless Metal Onslaught (Split-LP, GoatKult Symphonies)
2013: Reanimated Homunculus (High Roller Records)
2016: Cursed and coronated (High Roller Records)
2019: Summon the hordes (High Roller Records)

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